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R+W Coupling Technology has just released a new range of safety couplings - the

  • Series SH Torque Limiters

"The functionality of this torque limiter is unique in the marketplace. Through the automatic re-engagement during the reversal of rotation direction, the torque limiter in the machine must not remain accessible", is how Heiko Gabeli, Sales Director Germany of R+W Antriebselemente GmbH succinctly puts it. This creates valuable improvements for the constructing engineers: the power transmission can be disengaged in a constructively compact manner, as no additional access points for the torque limiter are required. This in turn leads to noticeable potential for cost savings.

In addition, advantages during equipment maintenance result: the necessary assembly work for accessibility or re-engagement of the torque limiter found in many comparable products

is completely eliminated. The product endures wear and tear and is maintenance-free. The technical basis for the strength of the torque limiter is an integrated maintenance-free hydraulic two-chamber solution in the shift segment. This guarantees that in the case of a crash, the balls move out of the universal ball joints and thereby a permanent load separation between the input and output side occurs. The shift valve, which is positioned inside the torque limiter for safety reasons, ensures that the re-engagement of the shift segment occurs automatically during a reversal of rotation direction.

Even the dimensions of the torque limiters are identical to the standard model series ST. Heiko Gabeli says, "This new development expands our systematic expertise in finding solutions on the basis of growing application expertise."   To view the technical specifications of the SH Series range please click on RWSHTorque-Limiters.pdf.

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