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Vibro-veyor vibrating feeders provide the most efficient and most economical method of conveying bulk materials – from big lumps of stone to fine dust – hot or cold – dry or damp, in densities ranging from 6 lb/cubic ft to 400 lb/cubic ft. 

Each feeder is powered exclusively by one or two electro-mechanical vibrating motors which are equipped with pre-packed lubrication and work absolutely maintenance free.  The fly wheels on each motor have been graduated so that centrifugal forces can be easily adjusted to obtain maximum conveying efficiency.

Custom made vibratory feeder with Italvibras vibrating motor

Flexible Drive Arrangement:  The electro-mechanical drive may be positioned either above or below on the side or at the rear of the pan. 

Vibro-veyor feeders are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 50 to 2,000 tons per hour.

The vibrating motors are operated in opposite directions to provide a linear movement to the feeder, this enables the installation to be either horizontal, declined or inclined up to 20°.  In the case of a single motor drive a torsion bar is fitted to provide linear movement.

Low frequency vibration along with our micro throw principle insures a very gentle transportation of material with very low wear characteristics.

Installation:  The Vibro-veyor feeders can be installed on a frame below a bin or suspended from the bin by cables and springs or rubber buffers.

A screen cloth may be incorporated in the pan of the feeder to scalp off oversize.

All machines can be manufactured to customer’s special requirements.  Please contact us for further information and a quotation.