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Vibro-Veyor Tube Feeders are used for the conveyance of dusty or hydroscopic material such as powders or granulated food products.  Removal covers are generally fitted to both ends of the tube for easy cleaning. 

Large tube feeder with Uras vibrating motor

The tube sockets at the intake and outlet, and in the case of a tubular conveyor sections, at the transfer points also, can easily be sealed with flexible sleeves or bellows.  Bellows made of PVC are suited for temperatures between 40 and +80°C. 

Vibro-Veyor Tube Feeders are ideally suited on installations beneath a series of hoppers or cyclones and can be discharged at various points along the length of the tube e.g. feeding powdered milk or cheese from a spray dryer, underneath dust cyclones etc. 

All tube feeders are driven exclusively by our range of electro-mechanical vibrating motors which have pre-packed lubrication and work absolutely maintenance free even with continuous operation.

The flywheels on each motor are graduated so that centrifugal forces can be easily adjusted to obtain maximum conveying efficiency. 

Installations can be either suspended below hopper or base mounted on helical springs or rubber buffers.  Tube feeders can also be manufactured of stainless steel or mild steel. 

All machines can be manufactured to customer’s special requirements.  Please contact us for further information and a quotation.