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The MICRO series has been designed for continual industrial service in processes where a reduced centrifugal force and reduced overall vibrator size are required. MICRO vibrators are used in numerous applications in feeding, transport, screening, sizing, separation processes, compaction in the automatic machines used in the chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceuticals, packaging and automation in general.

General features 

Power supply:  Three-phase voltage from 24V to 480V, 50Hz or 60Hz or single phase 100-130V, 60Hz and 200-240V, 50Hz
Polarity:  2 poles.
Functioning:  Continual service (S1) at maximum declared centrifugal force and electric power.
Centrifugal force:  Range extended to 65 Kgf. (63.8 KN),
Insulation class:  Class F (155°C).
Electric motor:  Three-phase and single−phase asynchronous type. The M3/4 model can only be supplied in the single−phase version and does not require a capacitor. Models M3/20 and M3/45 can be supplied both in three−phase and single−phase versions. The capacitor is already included in a case along the power supply cable.
Technical Details:      Please refer to ItalvibrasMicro2pole.pdf
General Features:      Please refer to ItalvibrasMicroGen.pdf