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Speed Change  Belts
There are 3 types of belts used for belt-type stepless speed changers, wide-width speed change belt, double cog belt and standard V belt. Select the appropriate belt for the speed changer used.

Wide-Width Speed Change Belt
This type is dedicated to speed changers. The inner side of the belt has a cog shape to increase its flexibility. This type is normally used for belt speed change drive units and some stand-alone models.  Please refer to MikiBelts.pdf.

Double Cog Belt
This belt has high transmission ability and the inner side has a double cog shape to increase its flexibility. It is used for the low-speed input model of the AHS model or to increase its transmission capacity.  Please refer to MikiBelts.pdf.


Standard V-Belts
This is an accessible JIS standard compliant V-belt. It is used for VARI-DIA pulley of the stand-alone belt stepless speed changer (except PK and PF models) and intermediate-type variable speed drive (L,U and T).  Please refer to MikiBelts.pdf.