Types RAZ & RIZ

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freewheel clutchesTypes RAZ and RIZ freewheel clutches combine an RSBI sprag cage unit with cylindrical inner and outer races dimensionally equivalent to same reference AGF roller ramp freewheel. The outer race is supported on two 60 series ZZ sealed bearings. A range of flanges of same dimensions as AGF series enables fitting of gears, sprockets or pulleys, and units with keyseated outer race can also be provided.

Type RAZ clutches have sprag clutch cage connected to outer race to enable high speed overrunning of the outer race. This series mainly used for overrun applications such as starter drives and barring motors. Type RIZ clutches have sprag clutch cage flexibly connected to the inner race to enable high speed operation of the inner race. Whilst also suitable for overrun applications, more often this series is used as backstop.

Both RAZ & RIZ clutches are available with elastomeric coupling as used with AGF series, with RIZ being preferable as these allow whole unit to be stationary during overrun.