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backstop clutches CR & RS/BFBoth types CR & RS/BF can only be used as backstops, and are normally mounted on rear of electric motor, or on shaft extension of gearbox. Special shaped sprags are mounted in a cage connected to the outer race, which is of top hat shape to enable connection to rotating shaft. The inner race is flanged to enable connection to machine frame. The two series were originally produced by two different companies, and both have remained in production as they are dimensionally different. The units were the only selection for contact-free backstops, but now the RSBI & RBI series are preferred for new applications.

The CR series units offer the highest torque capacity with 300mm bore units capable of 75,000 Nm torque. Special clutches have been supplied with torques in excess of 150,000 Nm.

Both series have covers available to provide a fully sealed unit.

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