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sprag clutchesPB Sprag Clutches feature precision formed sprags for maximum torque capacities combined with long life. The clutches have an outer race designed to simply attach sprockets, gears or pulleys with a plain bearing to support high radial loads. They are pre-lubricated with grease suitable for temp range -10 to +50°C. Oil lubricated clutches can also be supplied to order (except PB3A). These clutches are suitable for general purpose overrunning and indexing applications.

sprag clutchHT Sprag Clutches are designed for end of shaft applications, being retained on the shaft by a deep groove ball bearing with snap ring in outer race locating in recess dia. The outer race of the clutch is tapped for attaching sprocket, gear or ratchet arm. Intended primarily for indexing applications, the clutches can also be used for backstop and overrun applications providing the inner race is overrunning.