M Series Clutch Couplings & Stub Shaft Adaptors

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flexible couplingsStandard Flexible Couplings

The "M" Series Clutch Couplings are for shaft to shaft connection on high speed overrunning applications, such as motor to large fan shaft.

Couplings C3 to C7 use Morse silent chain flexible couplings. Couplings C7.5 to C10 are Morse Gear Couplings. All couplings are fully sealed for grease lubrication.

It is preferred to overrun on clutch shaft, as this permits removal of driving machinery by disconnection at flexible coupling, without driven equipment being stopped. For clutch shaft overrunning select coupling with MG or MO clutch. If shaft diameters dictate that coupling will overrun select MR clutch.  Clutch Couplings accommodate up to 1/2 degree angular, and 0.25mm parallel misalignment plus end float.

Stub Shaft Adaptor

stub shaft adaptorThe Morse flanged sub- shaft adaptor is used when it is impractical to mount a sprocket, gear, sheave or other mechanical device directly to the mounting holes of the Morse cam clutch Models 300-1000. The stub shaft diameter is designed to take full advantage of the clutch-torque capacity, but may be turned to smaller diameter to special order, including metric shaft sizes.