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sprag clutches CKK & CSKClutch types CKK and CSK combine individually sprung sprags with a deep groove ball bearing to provide a compact, low cost high torque freewheel. Used for backstop and overrun applications, these clutches provide the ideal, low cost, solution where space is restricted.

Type CKK clutches are manufactured to the same specification as 62 Series ball bearings (except CKK 8) enabling direct interchange.

Type CKKN clutches have inner race keyseated to DIN 6885 sht. 3 (except CKKN 40) to enable torque transmission by key. Clutches can also be provided to order with keyseat on outer race (Type CKKNN).  Type CKK-RS and CKKN-RS are fitted with metal shields and '0' rings to retain lubricant and exclude dust, for applications where relubrication is impractical or units running at higher temperatures.

Type CSK-RS has extended width races to enable fitting full rubber sealing discs, making them ideal for dusty applications. These units can also be supplied to order with inner race keyseated (Type CSKN-RS).