AGF & ALF Overrunning Clutch Couplings

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clutch couplingsRoller Ramp Clutch complete with one bearing support and lubrication system combined with rubber element flexible coupling for shaft-to- shaft drives.
These clutch couplings consists of AGF/ ALF type roller ramp clutches fitted with F2 end flange for lubricating, combined with a high speed rubber element coupling. Dependent on torque requirements two sizes of coupling are available for most clutches.

These clutch couplings are to connect shafts used with overrun applications. The rubber flexible element reduces vibration and compensates for alignment errors up to 0.7° angular ±1.0mm axial and 0.5% coupling dia. (D7) parallel. Only maintenance of oil levels in the clutch (including filling before use) is required. If required, rubber elements can be replaced with coupling in situ (except sizes 4SF & 6.3SF). Two sizes of couplings are available, the smaller ES series being most popular, with KS series used for higher torque applications. Two series of clutches are available; AGF (std. stock to 60mm) with F2 flanges with lip seals limiting speeds, or ALF series with P2 flanges using 'V' ring face seals for higher overrun speeds. Selection of clutch coupling should always be made so the coupling shaft overruns. For high speed continuous overrun applications, clutches with centrifugal lift-off sprags should be considered . All freewheel couplings are typically used on fans, pumps, starter drives, Sunday drives and dual drive conveyors.