AGF & AGFN Roller Ramp Clutches

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roller ramp clutches AGF & AGFNCombined Roller Ramp Clutch with Ball Bearings and outer race tapped to accept End Flanges

AGF and AGFN freewheels contain their own bearings, to centre inner and outer races. The outer race is tapped to enable fitting of a range of standard end flanges, but can equally be adapted to fit gears, or other driven equipment to suit special applications. Combination with standard end flanges or flexible couplings provides complete unit, with its own lubrication, enabling easy fitting to drive equipment.

Type AGFN incorporates a keyway in the outer race for torque transmission, enabling simple connection of gears, sprockets and pulleys. Clutches, with the outer races having through drilled holes instead of tapped holes, are available to order (types ALF & ALFN). These clutches use V ring face contact seals for reduced overrun drag torque, and also permits higher overrun speeds on outer race, and so are particularly suited to high speed indexing and continuous overrun applications.