AGF & AGFN Clutches assembled with End Flanges

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AGF roller ramp clutchesCombination of AGF Series roller ramp clutches with a selection of end flanges provides a versatile range of clutches complete with own bearing support and integral lubrication system. Flanges can be combined as required to suit most applications, the following combinations being most common.

AGF-Fl-F2 is most popular combination, enabling easy mounting of pulley, sprocket or gear on outer race. F2 flange enables re-lubrication.

AGF-F2-F7 is designed to enable connection of flexible couplings and universal joints. Can also be used to locate on m/c frame as backstop. In this application F4 cover could be used instead of F2 plate.

AGFN-F5-F6 enables simple fitting of gears, sprockets, pulleys, etc. with positive drive through key on outer race.