AA, AEF, ANF & ANR Roller Ramp Clutches

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roller ramp clutchesThese freewheels are high torque roller ramp clutches for applications within an encased lubrication system. Torque is transmitted by keyway in bore and 2 keyseats on end faces of outer race (except AA series).

Type AA has drilled outer race to bolt to gears, or to machine housing if used as backstop when cover F4 from AGF series can be used to provide fully sealed unit. Types AA and AEF incorporate axial clearance "S" to avoid need for precise axial positioning of inner and outer races. This can also accommodate shaft temperature expansion.

Type ANR incorporates its own bearings to centre inner and outer races. Size ANR 8-20 have steel on steel plain bearing, whilst larger units use two series 160 ball-bearings.