Crossgard Series

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The Crossgard Series is a Release Type of overload protection.  It includes:

  • Crossgard CG Series – Drive synchronisation, positive disengagement and low cost
  • Crossgard CGX Series – High precision, positive disengagement, zero backlash
  • Crossgard CGZ Series – Total disengagement, fast response, manual reset

crossgard overload clutches & couplingsThe Crossgard Series of Overload Clutches use sprung loaded balls locked in detents to provide drive and overload control. The balls are random positioned so drive can be engaged in one relative angular position, so ensuring full synchronisation of the drive at all times. In the event of an overload the balls are driven out of their detents to release the torque, and cause axial movement of the pressure plate which can be used to actuate a sensor to isolate the drive. There are three basic types, all of which are also available as flexible shaft couplings.

Type CG Crossgard Clutch:  Low cost, simple design for general purpose applications: provide good torque range (10-1080 Nm) with operating speeds to 700 rpm.

Type CGX Crossgard Clutch:  Unique design provides zero backlash drives: torque range 1.7-785 Nm and maximum speed 1400 rpm.

Type CGZ Crossgard Clutch:  High speed (up to 1800 rpm) overload clutch, with total drive disengagement: torque 2.4-450 Nm.