Electro Magnetic Actuated Type Clutches and Brakes

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RR Fisher offers the following types of Electro-Magnetic Actuated Type Clutches and Brakes:
  • 102 Micro Clutch 
  • 101/CS Clutches
  • 112 Micro Brake
  • 111 Brake
  • 125 Clutch Brake Unit
  • 121/122/126/CBW/CMW/180 Clutch Brake Units

Model 102 (Micro Clutch) / Model CYT (Customised Micro Clutch) / Model 112 (Micro Brake)
Ideal for use in small precision equipment such as business machines, communications equipment or automobile machinery that has a susceptibility to fluctuations of torque and responsiveness. The 102 model (clutch) and the 112 model (brake) with the same basic design can be provided as well as the customizable CYT model (clutch).  Please refer to Miki102CYT112.pdf for specs. and sizes.


Model 101 / CS (Excitation  Clutch) / Model CSZ (Easy Install Clutch Brake) / Model 111 (Excitation Brake) / Model BSZ (Easy Install Brake)
Compatible with overall general industrial machinery and the rational design offers good performance. The 101 and CS model (clutch) and the 111 model (brake) with the same basic design can be provided as well as the CSZ model (clutch) and the BSZ model (brake) designed to significantly reduce the assembling time by integrating each part.  Please refer to Miki101BSZ.pdf for specs. and sizes.

Electro-Magnetic Actuated Type Clutch and Brake Units
Model 125 (Clutch & Brake) / Model 121-..-20 (Clutch & Brake) / Model 180 (Clutch & Brake Enclosed) / Model 126 (Clutch, Brake & Motor) / Model CBW (Clutch, Brake & Reducer) / Model CMW (Clutch, Brake, Motor & Reducer) / Model 121-..-10 (Double Clutch) / Model 122 (Double Clutch & Brake)

Several clutches and brakes could be used when designing a complex mechanism. Various units are available to eliminate a troublesome task to combine the required number of each clutch and brake. A number of models that combine a motor or a reducer are also available.  For specs. and sizes please refer to Miki125122.pdf .


Miki Pulley electromagnetic clutch and brake unit: 125-08-12