Synthetic Lubricants and Cleaners – Super Lube

RR Fisher & Co Ltd is an authorized distributor of a wide range of Super-Lube products.

Why Use Super Lube?

  • 100% Synthetic, with TEFLON.
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Staining.
  • Long lasting and extremely penetrating.
  • Excellent adhesion. Will not run or drip.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion, while reducing friction.
  • Impervious to salt water.
  • No effect on rubber, plastic, wood, leather, fabric, or paint.
  • Compatible with other lubricants.
  • Excellent dielectric.
  • Extreme temperature range (-50°C to +350°C).
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Keeping pace with technological progress a new breed of synthetic lubricants and cleaners have been formulated that are designed to succeed where conventional products fail.

Formulated by Synco Chemical Corporation, Super Lube is a patented, multi-purpose synthetic lubricant, containing SYNCOLON (PTFE) particles held in suspension. 

Super Lube is known to last longer and outperform conventional petroleum-based greases and oils.  It comes in grease form, a 90-140 weight gear oil and 10W light-weight oil.

Packaging includes tubes, grease cartridges, aerosols, bottles, pails and drums.

Super Lube grease and oils are exceptionally pure lubricants because they are synthetic, giving very stable and predictable chemical properties.

Features of Super Lube include non-toxic and non-staining, odorless and excellent dielectric properties.

The benefits of using Super Lube are many.  Super Lube is water and saltwater waterproof, remains free flowing in freezing temperatures, is long-lasting and penetrating, won't drip, run or evaporate, repels dirt, dust, grit and grime, prevents rust and corrosion while reducing friction, is compatible with other lubricants, reduces friction and wear and reduces maintenance.

Super Lube has a large range of applications in the manufacturing industry for tools and machinery, and is also appropriate for the automotive, household and recreational areas.  To view the full range of Super-Lube products please click on the website link