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RR Fisher & Co Ltd is an authorised agent for Motovario.

RR Fisher offers the following models of Motovario Gearboxes & Variators

  • NMRV
  • NRV

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Motovario NMRV Worm Reducers

Motovario NMRV worm reducers have led the industry in design innovation for more than 20 years.

By using aluminum housings, Motovario can produce worm reducers that are maintenance-free, have low occurrences of leaks, run at higher efficiency and are easier to handle than standard cast-iron worm reducers.

Using two bearings on the input shaft, o-rings instead of paper gaskets and painting the reducers limits problems caused by leaks, corrosion and vibration.

Motovario also hardens all worm shafts to improve efficiency and prolong reducer life.  Please refer to MVarioNMRVNRV.pdf.


•   Minimum ratio: 5   •   Maximum ratio: 100   •   kW Range: .06 – 9.2 kW   •   % efficiency: up to 90%    

  • Aluminum alloy housings with heat sink design
  • Maintenance-free
  • Epoxy-polyester paint applied inside and outside the reducer
  • Hardened worm shaft
  • Two bearings along the input shaft
  • O-ring seals on the input and output
  • Single reduction ratios available to 100:1
  • Standard hollow output bore and plug-in output shaft
  • All units are pre-filled with synthetic oil
  • Modular construction for easy adaptability

TXF/VK/VKF Mechanical Variators

Motovario offer a range of Mechanical Variators.
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