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RR Fisher offer a range of vibratory bowl feeders that can handle component parts from all areas of industry catering for a wide range of shapes and sizes and a variety of materials to give a consistent and accurate flow of parts into production machinery.

Bowl feeders can be supplied either clockwise or counterclockwise and range in size from 80mm to 1200mm with a variety of linings to suit engineering, food and pharmaceutical components. RR Fisher bowl feeders have cost efficient drive technology and a compact design.

Individual bowl feeders as well as purpose-designed and tooled vibratory bowl feeders can be supplied, tailored to meet the customer’s requirements. Complete engineered systems incorporating bowl feeders, linear feeders and elevating hoppers can be developed to successfully integrate into the customer’s production line to increase economy, speed and accuracy of any production operation requiring a continuous feed of parts.

Caps, keys, screws, nuts, bolts, springs, tablets, electrical components are but a few of the parts that can be successfully fed through the RR Fisher range of vibratory bowl feeders.

Vibratory Bowl Feeders comprise three basic elements: the Vibratory Drive Unit, the Bowl and the Control Unit.

  • Drive Units for Vibratory Bowl Feeders (Series SRC-N)

The Series SRC-N Drive Units for the Vibratory Bowl Feeders stand out for their low susceptance to failure. When in constant use, they are reliable and fail-safe. The use of high-performance magnets allows for a high, load-independent feed performance with compact shapes.
Please refer to the Data Sheet for sizes and further technical information about the Series SRC-N Drive Units. DriveUnitsSeriesSRC-N.pdf

  • Bowl types include Cylindrical, Conical, Stepped and Polyamide.

Cylindrical Bowls
Continuous transport of components and for handling small parts.
Please refer to Spec. Sheet CylindricalBowls.pdf for sizes and further technical information.

Conical Bowls (Type RG)
Heavy, sharp-edged components. Larger loads. Automatic pre-separating. Parts for the pharmaceutical and food industries.
Please refer to Spec. Sheet ConicalBowls.pdf for sizes and further technical information

Stepped Bowls
Larger loads and larger components.
See also conical bowls.
Please refer to Spec. Sheet SteppedBowls.pdf for sizes and further technical information.

Polyamide Bowls (Conical or Stepped design)
Small components with simple geometry and where mass production of feeders is required.
Please refer to Spec. Sheet PolyamideBowls.pdf for sizes and further technical information.

  • Accessories

Coating: Coating minimises the wear and tear of the bowl, reduces noise and damage to components. The coating material can be selected according to the application.

Base Plates: Base plates enable easy mounting from above onto the machine bed. Integrated fixing locations are provided for control boxes. When using a top plate type UP, UL and UK, base plates are necessary.

Slot Sensors: Slot sensors are mainly used for the recognition of components for minimum/maximum level control on an accumulating and linear track.

Stands and Top Plates: The stands and top plates provide a wide range of height adjustments to allow precise alignment at the components discharge points.

The top plates are pre-drilled to accept the relevant size of the SRG type base plate.

RR Fisher & Co Ltd use vibratory bowl feeders and drive units supplied by RNA in Germany and is an authorised agent for Rhein-Nadel Automation GmbH. Please contact us for further information, price and availability.

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To view the brochure “A Comprehensive Range of Vibratory Bowl Feeders from RR Fisher” please click on RRFBowlFeeders.pdf.