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The SV1 is a complete compact feeding, sorting and testing device mounted on a base plate, consisting of a bowl feeder (3 available sizes), a conveyor belt with integrated camera system and a brand-name computer.

Derived from the MRW ROBO-POT System, which has been tried and tested for 16 years, the SV1 has now been provided with the most important consistently standardised functions and functional units.

Generally all parts that can be transported in stable positions are suitable, preferably rotationally symmetric parts with the following dimensions:  Length 3mm-78mm, Height 0.5mm-25mm, Width 0.5mm-22mm.  The CCD-Camera with 2048 pixels has a resolution of 0.014mm.  The minimum recognisable height difference is 0.05mm, minimum recognisable length difference is 0.2mm (depending on quality of parts and conveyor belt speed).

The SV1 is also available without bowl feeder and base plate and can easily be assembled by the user familiar with bowl feeders systems.

To view detailed information about the SV1 please refer to the brochures MRWSV101.pdf and MRWSV102.pdf .