Paddle Indicator

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The Paddle Indicator is rugged and sensitive in operation, and can be mounted sideways on a hopper or silo for low and high level indication.  The paddle is stopped when material level reaches it.  When the paddle is stalled the motor continues to rotate until a micro-switch is actuated.  The micro-switch can be used to control numerous functions such as lights, alarms and stopping or starting conveyors or other feeding systems.  On material dropping away from the paddle the micro-switch is released by a spring and the paddle starts to turn again.  A flexible section of shaft isolates the paddle against shock loading.   The shaft seal is designed to eliminate the entry of moisture and dust from the hopper.

The body and cover of the Paddle Indicator are corrosion resistant aluminium alloy castings.  Stainless steel shaft and Nylon paddles.  Mounting by welding ½ of a standard 1¼” BSP Coupling to hopper.  Screwed flanges are available for fitting to hopper.  Drive motor is a 3 Watt unit 230 VAC designed to run indefinitely in a stalled condition.  Weight:  2.5 Kg

Double Pole – Double Throw
10A 125 or 250 VAC
0.3A 125 VDC
0.15A 250 VDC