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Diaphragm type bin level indicators are best suited for use where bulk materials are stored at atmospheric pressures.  They are usually bolted to a vertical side of the hopper, chute or bunker.  Alternatively, they may be suspended from the top, by means of a standard conduit, thus avoiding the necessity for cutting a hole.

The main advantage to be gained from this form of mounting is that the unit can be placed centrally in the top of the hopper and so avoid false readings due to build-up on the walls by certain types of material.  Pressure exerted on the diaphragm actuates a micro-switch to stop or start machinery or operate warning signal lamps as required.  Each unit has a sensitivity control which can be field adjusted for best performance with varying materials.

An integrally cast aluminium wall protects the electric contacts should the diaphragm rupture.  All electrical contacts are accessible from the outside via a moisture proof cover.
A variety of diaphragm materials are available, designed for working in conjunction with most powdered or granular materials up to 1½” in size.

The body is made from corrosion resistant cast aluminium alloy.  The 1/8” BSP breather hole is fitted with a filter pellet to prevent ingress of dust.
Diaphragm, Nitrile standard, other materials as required.
Mountings:  Hopper requires 180 mm (7”) diameter opening, the diaphragm level indicator being fixed by 4 bolts 8 mm (5/16”) Diameter on 200 mm (7 7/8”) P.C.D. Weight: 2.5 Kilograms

Single Pole – Double Throw
Field adjustable
20 Amp 125, 250 or 480 VAC
¾ HP 125 VAC; 1½ HP 250 VAC
S.S. Filter available for DIP protection.